Enabling Rapid Prototyping and Design Exploration

Companies developing advanced motor and motion control products must respond quickly to changing performance, efficiency, safety and feature requirements. Nevertheless, development of advanced motion controllers is a complex task and Designers face two major challenges:

  • First, these systems are generally partitioned such that high level algorithms run in software in a microprocessor and high speed drive side controllers are usually implemented in digital circuits. Thus, it is highly desirable the User can rely in an easy to use software-hardware co-simulation integrated platform.
  • Second and equally important, the entire system normally operates in closed loop including physical components such as sensors, power drivers and motors, and in most applications, these sub-modules are tightly interconnected.

These two facts make the test, verification and redesign process long and error prone, significantly increasing the chance of bugs detected during the field test, or even worse, bugs found at the customer's premise. Rapid prototyping allow users to make up a design quickly in order to interact with it to explore design options earlier in the development cycle. For this, the user should be able to work at a high level of abstraction and not worry too much about the low level details, but still achieve the performance and efficiency required without sacrificng reliability.

Kylowave Intelligent Motion Control Development Platform

K-MOTION is a FPGA-based development platform that enables modeling, simulation and design of motor and motion control applications under one integrated environment. It includes a hardware architecture, HDL control IP cores, HDL physical component models, programming drivers and libraries and a programming API. K-MOTION is a very powerful, but still easy to use, hardware-software co-design and simulation platform for the development of motor and motion control embedded applications.

K-MOTION enables Users developing the next generation of advanced motion controllers to re-use hardware in order to reduce manufacturing cost and time-to-market, and use software as a means of differentiating products based on the same hardware platform. Learn more about K-MOTION.


The Xilinx® Embedded Development Kit (Xilinx/EDK) is a suite of tools and Intellectual Property (IP) that enables the user to design a complete embedded system, from a high level of abstraction, for implementation in a Xilinx FPGA device

K-MOTION is currenlty integrated with Xilinx Embedded Development Kit. The advanced motion control IPs available through K-MOTION, combined with a large library of communication modules available in EDK,  provides Users with an integrated environment to develop and verify communication enabled intelligent motion control applications, from a high level of abstraction design capture interface that is familiar to embedded system engineers. Find how K-MOTION and Xilinx/EDK can help you.

HDL Control IPs

Kylowave Inc. Motion Control Smart Library is a library of feature-rich synthesizable VHDL modules for intelligent motor and motion control applications. It includes a variety of modules necessary to implement high performance intelligent controlllers in FPGA-based platforms. Each module is fully configurable to easily and efficently serve a large number of applications. Some of the existing configuration parameters are the data width, sampling time, base clock frequency, discretization method and many others. These are some of the modules available in the library:

  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical motion profilers: Adaptive, S-Curve, Trapezoidal and Parabolic
  • High-speed PI and PID controllers implemented using Backward Euler or Trapezoidal discretization rules
  • Higher-accuracy PI and PID controllers implemented using Kylowave's proprietary high-order unconditiuonally stable discretization technology
  • High-speed single-phase, full bridge and three-phase PWM modulators
  • Delta-sigma modulator and digital filters
  • Speed and position sensors (Hall, QEI, etc.)
  • High-speed BLDC motor position, speed and torque controllers

Real-Time Synthesiable HDL Models

Kylowave Inc. Motion Control Smart Library also includes VHDL modules for test and verification of motor and motion control applications. These modules are implemented in synthesizable VHDL and can be used in HDL-based (VHDL and/or Verilog) simulation flows to enable your design team to verify the whole system functionality from the verification testbench. The same modules are also useful for hardware emulation enabling real-time verification of the whole product. Thus, increasing the chances of catching bugs earlier in the design cycle and, thus, reducing the chances of having undetected at field test, or even worse, at the customer's premise. These are some of the physical components currently available in the library:

  • Single-phase, full bridge and three-phase power converter models
  • High-speed three-phase BLDC motor model
  • Higher-accuracy three-phase BLDC motor model using Kylowave's proprietary high-order unconditiuonally stable discretization technology
  • Higher-accuracy multi-phase BLDC motor model using Kylowave's proprietary high-order unconditiuonally stable discretization technology