Kylowave Intelligent Motion Control Development Platform

hardware-software co-design and simulation platform

K-MOTION simplifies motor and motion control development and helps new products to get to market faster and better. It's based on an easy-to use platform, comprising a reconfigurable architecture that can be configured to optimize trade offs between high speed and flexibility, predesigned and preverified HDL IP cores, synthesizable HDL physical component IP models, programming drivers and libraries and a programming API.

Some of the IP cores available include basic functions (PI, PID, filters, etc. macro-modules (position, speed, torque controllers, etc.) and driver/motor models (power drivers, BLDC motors, etc.). .

Rapid prototyping allow users to make up a design quickly in order to interact with it to explore design options earlier in the development cycle. For this, the user should be able to work at a high level of abstraction and not worry too much about the low level details, but still achieve the performance and efficiency required without sacrificng reliability.