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Customer Testimonials

University of Ottawa

At first we chose to work with Kylowave because of their innovative product. There is no other product like K-ECS on the market and we found it to be multi-purpose and very versatile. As we worked with Kylowave as their lead customer, it became apparent that the team was extremely dedicated to ensuring that we were successful and satisfied. And they succeeded. They worked with us to obtain feedback on their beta version and implemented features that we thought were necessary to strengthen the learning experience to our students. Specifically, to increase students' hands on experience with industry grade applications in order to prepare them for the job market. It was an excellent opportunity for myself, our technical staff and students to participate in the test and evaluation of this important product.

Today, we are using K-ECS and its associated experiments in our Control Systems AND Power Electronics courses. We are planning to use it in the near future in Electronics and Renewable Energy Teaching as well. We are very excited about the pivotal role that K-ECS will play as the core of our anticipated Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Teaching Platform. This project is currently under development.

We have found the K-ECS and the Kylowave team to be excellent and would recommend both to any university or college that may be considering buying new equipment for their labs.

Dr.Riadh Habash 
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
The University of Ottawa

Carleton University

We implemented and tested an MPPT PV controller at the Carleton University's SREE Program (Sustainable and Renewable Energy Program) lab. This required the integration of K-ECS and LabVolt to create a testbench. We found the integration of K-ECS and LabVolt to be straightforward and easy. Labvolt was used as an input source by simulating a PV cell, while K-ECS was used for its control features. Our students were able to implement and test the controller, from reading a journal paper to implementation in less than two weeks. Note that previous knowledge of Arduino was part of the reason for the fast ramp-up time.

What really aided in this process was the ability of K-ECS to visualize internal control variables, in addition to the electrical signals. This greatly aided us to be able to debug the code in very short period of time. Similarly, the flexibility to easily visualize and monitor various electrical signals and control variables at the same time enabled us to analyse and propose various tuning conditions for the PV MPPT controller.

The K-ECS product is a powerful and sophisticated device that I would recommend for teaching Engineering labs. We find that it has all the features that we need and it quite easy to use. Also, because they use an Arduino controller, the ramp up time to learn is greatly shortened. We also like the fact that we do not have to buy any special connectors to work with the K-ECS. Finally, because the K-ECS is not build like a black box, we have a lot of flexibility to work on complex projects. As a note, we are now using K-ECS in a larger team to implement a PV to the grid project.

The Kylowave team was very helpful and professional. They provided the K-ECS in a timely manner and worked with our team to ensure that we were successful. We were provided with two half days for training. In short - their support was great, just like the K-ECS.

Dr. Xiaoyu Wang
Assistant Professor Department of Electronics
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.