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K-ECS Universal Energy Conversion System

The Kylowave Universal Energy Conversion System is a small energy converter system for power electronics and power systems teaching and high-end hobby applications. Most systems currently used in these environments are very high power in addition to high cost. Our product K-ECS is a low power and lower cost system, with additional features not available in existing systems.

K-ECS creates a modern and stimulating learning environment to teach disciplines such as control systems, renewable energy and smart grid by providing ready-to-run hardware, software, and comprehensive experiment laboratory manuals including design files and examples. Students with minimum or without prior experience in those subjects can successfully implement a laboratory experiment covering complete system. Experienced students can take advantage of our proprietary libraries to develop sophisticated applications using K-ECS.






Introducing K-ECS, a communication-enabled, 300W-500W, 12/24/48VUniversal Energy Conversion System that consists of:
  • Single/three phase rectifier
  • DC-DC converters
  • Power inverter
  • Analog and digital connectors
  • Sensor circuitry
  • Data acquisition and processing
  • Data visualization
  • Standard communication interfaces
  • Wired and wireless communication
  • Controller
  • Power conversion control using Arduino
  • Open source technology
  • Interface to PC software tools
  • Interface to MATLAB and LAB VIEW
  • K-ECS Advanced Library
  • Experiments
  • PGA ready

Why Choose K-ECS?

Optimal Design

K-ECS is a revolutionary product whose requirements were driven by observations within the university lab environment. Systems being used today are overkill for the type of applications students are taught in college and university electronics classes. Typical requirements do not exceed 500W; however, existing systems delivered a whopping (and expensive) kW capability.


Students in power and control engineering typically require access to not just various types of power supplies, but also to controllers, sensors and oscilloscopes in addition to other testbench equipment. Combining these groups of functions greatly increases the total cost of ownership (TCO) for universities.

Unbeatable ROI and TCO

We offer superior functionality for a fraction of what it would cost if you purchased these individually to create your testbench. Also, the system results in operational savings over time because it uses less electricity than the alternative.

Communication Interfaces

K-ECS comes with optional communication interfaces students and professionals will need including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, ZigBee, I2C, SPI or RS232.


K-ECS connects physically to other controllers (such as the popular Arduino controllers), as well as to a variety of energy sources (solar PV, wind generators, batteries, etc.) and loads (motors, batteries, power grid, etc.).

Enhanced Data Acquisition Circuitry

K-ECS provides an unprecedented level of access to its internal circuitry through sensors and the ability to simultaneously sample voltages and currents on multiple phases. This allows an incredible ability to fine tune and focus your energy needs and to design experiments to test advanced and very complex algorithms such as MPPT for PV and FOC for motor control. Sensor data is used by its internal controller, but is also made available to external controllers via K-ECS’s various communication interfaces.

Modular Design

K-ECS fits seamlessly into Kylowave revolutionary Motion Control Design and Verification Platform. Visit for more.