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Our products are designed by engineers, teachers, and industry professionals with students in mind. We believe that hands-on laboratory experience is vital for learning in the various fields of science, engineering, mathematics and technology. Our products make learning stimulating and fun.

The cost of other laboratory education products on the market is so high, with limited and costly after-sales support. These factors, coupled with the severe limitations in educational budgets, has created an untenable situation for administrators and educators.

Kylowave has solved this problem by integrating the required equipment into one single, multi-functional and feature-rich device. And our prices are sure to fit into your budget.

Intrigued? Then read on - this site will provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and experiments to teach new courses, or re-vamp existing ones in control systems, power electronics, mechatronics, and sustainable electric energy systems.


Prepare students for the exciting world of Power and Renewable Energy Engineering. Click here to learn more.


Enhance education in Engineering through state of the art technology and curriculum. Click here to learn more.


A Flexible Laboratory Platform for Multidisciplinary Electrical Engineering Courses

Marcos Aguirre and Dr.Vijay K. Sood, of the University of Ontario Institute Of Technology, have presented a paper written about K-ECS to the 28th annual IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE 2015). Click here for more information

Electrical Engineering Presentations now available:

Team uOttawa excel at Valeo Innovation Challenge 2014

Congratulations to the uOttawa team for winning second place in the Valeo competition (out of 969 entrants!) for their "High Performance Motor Drive System for Electric or Hybrid Vehicle Drivetrain" project. Click here for more

Valeo_picture Eric Vierich, uOttawa team captain: "Using Kylowave´s K-ECS platform, the University of Ottawa team was able to quickly implement and test new ideas reducing development time from months to weeks." Click here for more

April 2015, Kylowave launches its Control Systems Teaching Platform

Click here to find out about the K-CSP.

UOIT Project receives NSERC USRA Award 2014

UOIT_Marcus Congratulations to Marcos Aguirre., an undergrad student at UOIT, who under the supervision of Prof. Vijay Sood, won a 2014 NSERC USRA Award (Undergraduate Student Research Awards), and first prize at the UOIT Student Research Showcase for his Flexible Laboratory Platform For Multidisciplinary Electrical Engineering Courses project using Kylowave's K-ECS Universal Energy Conversion System and K-DMK DC Motor Kit.

Renewable Energy Platform at SITE/OttawaU

Click here to learn about a new experimental hybrid energy system has been built around the Kylowave Universal Energy Conversion System.

A Single Multi-purpose Energy Conversion Equipment to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Lab Learning

Click here to learn more about a paper written about K-ECS submitted to the American Society For Engineering Education by Dr. Riadh Habash of the University of Ottawa.

Feature Product

Click here to find out more about the K-ECS.

Customer Testimonial

"I highly recommend K-ECS and the Kylowave team for their skills, knowledge and reliability."

Mr. Roger Montcalm
Lab Manager
Operations and Facilities
University of Ottawa

See full Case Study .

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